A complete guide to home security systems

A complete guide to home security systems
Are you contemplating installing a security system for your home but can’t decide if you should spend that much on it? Does the security provided by the security system justify the cost? Before you make the final decision, consider some valuable facts about home security systems.

There is no doubt that burglary is increasing at an alarming rate in the UK. Many people are considering beefing up their security with home security systems so that their families and property are safe.
Some, however, are put off by the high cost of installing such a system. If you are reading this piece, perhaps you too are worried about the practicality of spending that much on home security.
You have some cheaper options if your goal is just to deter petty burglars. On the other hand, if you want maximum protection for your home, you will need a home security system that will provide an all-round security for your home.
Some smart alarm systems will provide adequate monitoring for your home against fire, carbon monoxide, in addition to burglary monitoring.
This raises the question: Do you really need to pay heavily for a home security system?”
While there is no specific answer to that question, Alarms Are Us Ltd will help you make an informed decision by giving you professional advice from their years of experience as a leading name in the security sector.

A security system is designed to offer protection for your home against fire outbreak and intruders. However, that will come at a cost. So, it is advisable that you weigh your options and see whether spending a small fortune on your home security is justified.

They may discourage burglars: The effectiveness of such protective measure is corroborated by the UK Police when the security agency recommends setting up external lights and burglar alarms in homes as a deterrent to would-be-burglars. The advice is published on a site run by the police to provide security advice to UK citizens.
They have led to reduced crime rates: In a crime-prevention article by the UK police, homes without any security measures increase their chances of burglary attack by five folds. This is the reason why homes with a functional security system have reduced crime rates across the country.
They can protect your home against fire outbreak: A security system will be handy and notify you if your fire alarms go off. Whether you are at home or not, you can then take a drastic step to minimize the impact a fire outbreak in your home. The security system will be more useful if you set up the alarm to notify the authorities in case of such emergencies. That assures you of a swift response to such an emergency.
They can save lives: Over 300,000 cases are treated by the NHS in the UK daily according to a statement published in NHS statistics, facts, and figures. A good number of these cases are life-threatening and are caused by preventable causes. Installing a home security in your home will help you prevent such unfortunate incident.
It reduces false alarms: This is one of the most important impacts of false alarms on homes. Imagine the stress, wasting of time, anxiety to friends, family, and stakeholders that may arise from a false alarm. What about waking your neighbours in the middle of the night for nothing? That can be highly embarrassing, to say the least.
Alarms are reputable for their uncanny passion for going off at the least convenient time such as when you are already running late for work, in a meeting, on your way to your children’s school. That may increase your anxiety needlessly.
However, how will you feel if you can check on your home and remove false alarms? Don’t you think that will mean a lot to you? At the very least, it will prevent you from undue anxiety.

The fact is that you are still vulnerable to attacks after investing hundreds of pounds to increase your home security. Some dare-devil thieves can still breach your security and cart away valuable properties before the police show up.
However, your chances of being attacked are reduced when you put the right security in place in your home.
If you beef up your security with intruder alarms system, that will also increase your peace of mind and save you some bucks with your insurance company.
Therefore, whether you should install a security system in your home is a personal decision.

Increasing the security of your home by installing an effective security system will come with some financial obligations. It is advisable that you consider these obligations before making your decision. Consider these basic facts:
The minimum investment is huge
The cost of installing a security system for your home is relatively high. The average cost in the UK is £475 for a basic intruder alarm while you will pay a maintenance fee of about £150 annually. This figure is even higher in London where the average cost of installing a security system is £590.
You may be stuck with a long-term contract
Most security companies will attract you with a free trial after which you will enter into an agreement with them. In the UK, the average contract length is 36 months. The implication is that you will be stuck with the security provider for the next 3 years after entering an agreement with them.
It will reduce the financial impact of a burglary attack
In a case of a successful breach of your security, the financial implication is still low compared to when you have zero security in place. When home alarm systems set off, burglars are aware of the short time they have before the authorities show up. So, they won’t have the confidence to leisurely ransack your home but will only steal whatever is readily available.
It will reduce your insurance premium
An effective way to save some few bucks from your insurance premium is to install a security system. In an article titled How to reduce the cost of your home insurance, an online publication, confused.com, included installing a home security system in its list of practical ways to reduce your insurance premium.
Monthly monitoring comes at a price
The upfront installation cost is not the only cost of having a security system in your home. A monthly monitoring fee is another expense you should be prepared for. Although security companies do not have a universal monitoring cost, the average monitoring cost for home alarm systems is £25, and then in many cases the monitoring centres will use an automated system to call you so that you can respond to your own alarm? So, be prepared for that too.
With the Verisure SMART home alarm system The monitoring cost covers these services:
Uninterrupted connection to the alarm receiving center.
Alarm signal or SOS request response.
Prevention of false alarms via image verification.
Notification to police, guards, or emergency services whenever that is needed.
Silent SOS alarm while robbery is going on.
Real-time notification while you stay away from your home during the crisis.
Protection of your home after a break in attempt until an authorized person is given access to the home.
Multiple communication options for maintaining communication.
24/7 technical service.
Response within 45 seconds – When an alarm is triggered, their NSI approved Alarm Receiving Centre will respond in an average time of 45 seconds. They will then evaluate the situation and activate our Security Alarm Protocol when needed.
Control from your SMART phone – The app allows you to activate and deactivate the alarm and to see and hear what goes on inside of your home or business.
These are the financial implications and benefits of having a security system installed in your home. You should consider them well before you go ahead with the installation.

There are other miscellaneous factors you must put into consideration before you proceed with getting a security system for your home. These are a few of these factors:
1 Beware of scammers
Although there are tons of legitimate security outfits, don’t be blind to the existence of fake security companies and agents too. If a security system salesman or company offers you a ridiculous security plan or price, that should serve as a warning sign that you are dealing with a potential scammer.
Don’t fall for such cheap scammers. Rather, hire the services of experienced and trusted security outfit to install an efficient security system in your home or office.
2 You may have issues with wireless reception
The providers of home security systems are gradually showing their preference for wireless monitoring. That may pose a big challenge for you if poor cellular reception is common where you live.
3 You may not be able to move with it
There are two types of security systems: the hardwired and the portable systems. If you opt for the hardwired system, you must leave it behind if you have to move. The portable one, however, can easily be moved from one location to another.
4 You may be paying a premium for an automated response
There are two types of security systems under this description: the autodialer system and the “monitored with autoresponder voice dialer systems. If you opt for the monitored version of this system, you must still respond to your own alarm, so in fact, all this does is delay the response time to an activation. The first version will dial you or designated keyholders directly anyway with minimal ongoing monthly costs. The downside however is that burglaries seldom happen at a convenient time and we find that these are both high risk solutions as they both leave your property exposed and left to rely on yourself, a family member or friend to respond.
We are called out far too often to homes where someone is burgled and the alarm went off, however no one took any notice or their phone was off while at work / on a train / in a meeting / no reception / on holiday / on silent in the middle of the night, or keyholder was asleep etc etc and this left their home or business vulnerable for hours on end and in some cases days.

According to the latest figures from the Crime Survey for England and Wales, around 686,000 domestic burglaries were carried out in England and Wales from October 2015 to September 2016. The good news is that this figure is 8% lower than it was in the previous 12 months. The bad news is far too many people are still having to deal with the trauma of being burgled.
The charity Victim Support describes burglary – one of the most common types of crime – as when someone breaks into a building with the intention of stealing, hurting someone or committing unlawful damage. It may happen to you once, or several times.
But the impact of burglary doesn’t just involve the financial cost of replacing stolen goods and repairing any damage. It can also have a significant impact on your emotional health too, as well as your sense of feeling safe in your own home.
source: caba.org.uk
The stress and anxiety caused by burglaries both at home or your business can have a major impact on you and your loved ones.
When considering installing a home security system, this guide will help you to count the cost and make the right decision. Always remember that your security is your primary responsibility. Therefore, the choice you make today will affect the security of your home and family tomorrow.
Consider a fully monitored alarm where:
False alarms can be filtered out, there is no 3 strike rule: this occurs as a result of three false calls to the police for intruder alarms or three from personal attack alarms in a twelve-month rolling period.
You can remotely set / unset from a mobile device – to avoid the stress of having left home not knowing if you have set your system or not which may invalidate your insurance if not set.
Someone will respond in the event of an alarm and wait at the property until a verified keyholder can attend.
The system is monitored daily for faults and battery levels etc to ensure everything is working in that moment when it is really needed.
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