The Blind Burglar!

Zero Vision in 45 Seconds Home Security AwarenessWhen last have you reviewed your home security?Typically home security will make a noise, maybe call you or a call centre and then perhaps the police or a guard.And then the waiting game begins.How long before anyone gets to the property? Is it a real or false alarm If police response Has it been 1 or 2 devices that have been triggered? can someone verify if Someone is at the property How long with it take them to get there If you or key holder are responding: how long will it take to get back through traffic was their phone on and did they get the call if you are on holiday, will you get the call? what happens if you are travelling out of signal - on the the underground for example What if, you could have someone Verify and at the press of a button stop the intruder in their tracks? Why not message me directly to arrange a free online security review with one of my team.Our Focus, Your Peace of Mind!


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