The New Breed of Verkada CCTV

This New Breed of Verkada CCTV will make reporting & responding to situations an “at point of event” rather than “after the fact investigation”.Last week we set up a few demos for some commercial clients who wanted to know why we were even wanting to schedule an online Demo in the first place.They said: Other security companies just come out, point out where cameras must go, and give us a price. I know how CCTV works - it’s wired up to a box and I can see it on my phone or monitor I need to be able to download footage on a thumb drive for police or HR etcI Said: What are you trying to capture to determine the quality of the camera image required How long do you need to retain the information to determine both on-site & cloud storage requirements What are your typical setup and running costs per site What are the key problems you/we must avoid - this will help ensure we have these covered from the beginning. Example: low-resolution images may lead to not being able to identify someone that may help lead to a conviction In my 20 years of experience, unless I ask the right questions & understand requirements, it leads to disappointment and in security can be very costly.


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