Victims can expect little or no investigation, or a visit from a police officer, unless they can supply evidence or name a suspect

Victims can expect little or NO investigation, or a visit from a Police Officer, unless they can supply Evidence or Name a Suspect

After recent articles, it has become apparent that today, more than ever before, due to the additional strain on our police resources as a result from more budget cuts, that we bring our home security into the 21st century. Stop wasting our valuable police resources and look at better ways to reduce the impact of false alarms on our economy as well as the additional stress and anxiety caused when we find out our alarm has gone off, and the worst imaginable scenarios race through our minds, only to find that it was nothing to write home about.

Do you still have these “blind PIR’s? Traditional home alarm systems (business alarm systems) started appearing on the consumer market in the 1980s-1990s – yet this technology is still being used today as the primary trigger to many homes and businesses security systems across the world today.

In a recent article about police services, burglaries and burglar alarms it was said:
“In October it was reported that call handlers are crossing off offences including vandalism, theft, burglary and antisocial behaviour in minutes if there are no clues.”
“Victims can expect little or no investigation, or a visit from a police officer, unless they can supply evidence or name a suspect.”
“Officers will also only analyse CCTV if the footage is clear and the crime appears within a 20-minute window.” Read more
CCTV without an alarm and a rapid way to get the evidence to someone that can take action, is almost pointless after the fact as any delay rapidly reduces the chances of catching anyone with any of the loot that may help put them away for s substantial amount of time. What is the point of having a valuable police resource tied up in the administrative headache of going out to a scene of the crime after the fact, only to take a few notes, then have to go and record the information with little or no evidence so that ultimately there is a record, however no real outcome or solace.
The only benefit these devices have is to confirm that there has been a change of temperature, maybe some movement, however no way of telling you if it’s anything to be concerned about.
Burglars have become skilled at noting the common locations of motion detectors, and can avoid setting them off
Some Security Systems are susceptible to signal interference
Burglars have also learned how to disarm them
Security systems may not work during power outages, leaving your home vulnerable. Read more
Furthermore, if your burglar alarm system is self maintained and these are faulty, many systems will not show the fault such as low batteries etc and may mean that your insurance may not pay out due to you not maintaining these devices should they fail.
Old fashioned “wired systems” have been installed by engineers who in many cases looked for the quickest way to install a burglar alarm, rather than the most secure way (ever wondered why the keypad, internal siren and control panel are generally within a few feet from each other and in most properties in the same location?) Alternatively the homeowner / business owners went with the most cost effective or least impact on cable runs

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