You don’t know what you don’t know!

So, a while back I was telling my wife that the cleaning service we were using to help out 1-2 times a month was not doing a fantastic job

My wife said I was perhaps being a bit pedantic.On top of that, I had also mentioned that I couldn’t find a few things around the house.To that, she said I may be losing it with old age...I took to my security solution, which I was able to check the times the cleaning company was spending at our home.With the monitoring option, I was able to see the cleaner was only spending 40-45 minutes instead of 2-3 hours, and also when they left, having arrived empty-handed had a couple of bags full of their local shopping in our home!

What do you not know about what’s happening at your home when you are not in? Could you do with this level of security? Want to know how we did this from our mobile, send me a message? Proud Partner of Verisure - the solution that goes beyond just security!


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