• Victims can expect little or no investigation, or a visit from a police officer, unless they can supply evidence or name a suspect
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    Victims can expect little or NO investigation, or a visit from a Police Officer, unless they can supply Evidence or Name a Suspect

    After recent articles, it has become apparent that today, more than ever before, due to the additional strain on our police resources as a result from more budget cuts, that we bring our home security into the 21st century. Stop wasting our valuable police resources and look at better ways to reduce the impact of false alarms on our economy as well as the additional stress and anxiety caused when we find out our alarm has gone off, and the worst imaginable scenarios race through our minds, only to find that it was nothing to write home about.

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  • Guide to Reduce the Risk of Burglary
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    Free Tips On Home Security

    Home break-ins and burglaries are common occurrences.

    There is a feeling of dread and violation; that comes over
    every homeowner when they realize that their property has
    been broken into. It can be a truly surreal experience to think
    about the fact that an unwanted individual entered into your
    home and made off with some of your belongings.

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  • talking to your things the internet
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    Talking to your fridge: The Internet of Things

    It wasn’t long ago that the Internet of Things (IoT) was a term understood by techies only. In the past few years the phrase has found its way into our daily lives more and more, yet to many the very idea of IoT still seems futuristic. In fact, IoT has been around for a while, making a quiet but powerful impact on our day-to-day lives.

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  • burglary belt
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    Investigating England’s ‘Burglary Belt

    Our research showed that there were abnormally high rates stretching across the northern cities: from Hull in the east across to Liverpool in the west. Indeed, four cities in this area feature in the top five most burgled councils.

    What’s caused this “burglary belt” to form across England? What do these areas have in common that could shed some light on how we can tackle burglary throughout the country?

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    How burglars use social media

    In 2016, several surveys were carried out in the US and UK on prisoners convicted of burglary. Some of them had an impressive hunting table with over a hundred burglaries in a 30 year career. An unexpected element stood out of the results: a significant portion of criminals used social media to choose their target during the surveillance phase.

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    A complete guide to home security systems

    A complete guide to home security systems
    Are you contemplating installing a security system for your home but can’t decide if you should spend that much on it? Does the security provided by the security system justify the cost? Before you make the final decision, consider some valuable facts about home security systems.

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